Phil Hainsworth, Commercial Hearing Aid Audiologist

Phil _hainsworth

"I was hesitant about making the move from a company where I was happy and well established, but I'd heard good things about Boots Hearingcare from some former colleagues.

From the outset, I was impressed by the organisation and their professionalism. The induction course was thorough, well planned and interesting. The resource offered was very realistic and the growth potential quickly became clear.

Diaries are efficiently managed and usually busy. Customers' appointments are confirmed and non-attendances are minimal. The web-based diary system is quick and easy to use, with appointment categories colour-coded.

There is a wide range of products to work with, and similarly a good spectrum of price points. Mobile dispensing equipment is small and light.

The Hearingcare Service is extensively publicised with TV and newspaper adverts bringing customers in for tests.

I have been given the support I need and am looking forward to a successful career with Boots Hearingcare."

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